Saturday, September 01, 2007

Maria Montessori

Having read about Maria Montessori, I know that her method is very different from the ideas applied at some Argentina´s schools. One of the reasons can be tha way the classroom is organized or the amount of students in each classroom, which sometimes makes things more difficult.

But I find that Montessori method marks similarities with Argentina kindergartens, where classes are not as structured as the ones at primary or high school.

Having looked at the photographs at Montessori sites, I remember the way children sit at kindergarten, the table at which they can interact and share different experiences. They absorb what is in the environment, where the things they learn are forever and true for them.

Another point of similarity is that parents are closer than at any other stage at school. They are really involved and volunteers of any situation. The Montessori method recognizes parents as a child´s first and most influencial teachers so that teacher and parents join together to facilitate the education of the learners.

As a teacher-to-be, I find this method especially interesting. I think it will be enjoyable for the learners and for me too, because they learn through personal experiences and concrete situations. In this way, it is easier to acquire knowledge because they do not know they are learning but they are enjoying coming to school and being part of it.

Maria Montessori said:
"We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for
himself; this is the art for those who aspire to serve the spirit."

As a teacher -to-be this is one of the ideas I want to keep in mind when teaching a learner.


L@U F.S. said...

I completely agree with Giyo. Montessori's methods are applied in kindergartens in Argentina. Children learn from waht surrounds them and parents are definitely involved in the process.

I think that some of Montessori's ideas could be applied in primary schools as well, but due to the current system we have and the economic difficulties it's yet a bit away from our reach.

emcy lee said...

It is actually applied in a local school from grades k-6 in the United States. Then these students were sent to the normal, public middle school. Sometimes I wonder how they adjust.