Friday, August 31, 2007

Sarmiento and his educational system

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento was an Argentine educator, man of state and writer. He was president of Argentina from 1868 to 1874 and he traveled extensively to learn about educational experiences.
Sarmiento´s ideas were quite interesting since he wanted to make a change at those days. Although his educational system was more related to the country’s progress rather than building equality among people, he wanted a society to cooperate with his plan: to educate people so as to improve the country’s economic situation.
He wanted people and the government to work together taking their responsibilities. To me, this idea should be also taken into account because
I think that if we want to improve, each of us should cooperate and do what we have to with responsibility, without forgetting that we all form part of the same country or society, which without help and cooperation wouldn’t go ahead.
As a teacher-to-be, I would like to reflect in my lessons what Sarmiento thought about children: that they are the basis of a country’s development.

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