Tuesday, August 05, 2008


John Dewy's ideas made me think about my own experience as a teacher... What I found interesting was the role of the teacher which was to guide students to give birth to new knowledge. Teachers cannot do it for their students, they only can guide them to do so through motvation. When children do, perform, they experience and learn through this experience.
According to Dewey reality is full of confussing information and it's also complex, that's why teachers should simplify it and make students understand how it works and encourage them to put into practice their skills and capacities to co-operate and contribute within the school as well as members of the society.
At school students should learn about cooking, sewing, chemestry (among other things) since they are thought to acquire knowledge by doing and schools should foster students to enlarge these experiences within the school in order to prepare them to carry them out in the society.
Students are not considered to be blank slates. On the contrary, they are seen as active learners who have the ability to do on their own.
I would like to apply these ideas with my students since in my opinion a good teacher makes their students feel confident about their potential.