Thursday, September 13, 2007

Domingo F. Sarmiento

Domingo F. Sarmiento was an Argentinean president in the late 1800s. He travelled to different countries in Europe and to the United States studying their educational systems. His educational policies included opening non-secular, public schools for everyone as a means to create one uniform society.
For him education was the way to form prolific citizens as he believed education to be the way to improve the country’s economy. Both the government and the people were to work together to develop the country’s situation as a whole, not just its economy.
He believed that the maximum emphasis should be made in primary schools as for him children were the citizens and workers of tomorrow.
As a teacher-to-be I would like to incorporate into my lessons Sarmiento’s idea that everyone is entitled to be educated. No matter how young, old, rich or poor everyone has the right to be educated, especially as this opens doors to the improvement of their selves and their professional lives.
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ADRI said...

I really like this reflection on Sarmiento.

He was trully commited to achieve a better society and a more prosperous country and he thought that it was possible through education. The fact that he wanted to give every child the possibility to have access to education, independently from his or her social background, is to me a very noble goal and a reason to be remembered not only by teachers to be but also by the whole society.

Anonymous said...

I think you might want to reconsider your love of Sarmiento - he may have been a proponent of education, but he was also known to hold very racist beliefs, that led him to make public statements about the need to "whiten" Argentina.