Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am not sure whether I am supposed to write here but I think this is the right place.
If I had to say in what way Montessori has influenced me I would say: as everyday I work with little children I tend to find it easier and safer to do things for them, help them all the time and tell them what to do ( most of the time). After learning about Montessori´s method I have changed ( little by little of course!) this attitude. I try to encourage them to do things by themselves, I try to let them find answers alone and I try to help them be more independent. Of course, in some aspects I still think I HAVE to be there to help them and I still try to be right next to them to guide them. I still impose ( sometimes) what i think is best for them, but I do it in a more flexible way and " helping them to put their coats on" and not " doing it for them" as I used to!

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I conpletely agree of what Francisca said