Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daniel Filmus, The new "beowulf" in the educational field

I would like to choose an educator that firmly believes in education. It was necessary to me to choose a contemporary one, because educators that belong to the past means just that: they were inmerged in an era that nowadays will be difficult to understand. Technology has proved to be one of the most important reasons by which I decided not to talk about Sarmiento, for instance, but Daniel Filmus, whose career has been identified as brilliant by many of the people who are also educators like him.
While browsing through the pages in the Monitor magazine, I decided to choose an article written by him by which he shows his belief that being an educator means to prepare people to become integrated citizens, where solidarity and wisdom go hand by hand. He also says that being critical is one of the premises that a student should follow in order to be.
Evolution in all human beings bring also pain in our daily life, and Filmus tries to show how a teacher suffers during all the teaching carrer, trying to show the process of learning, trying to share experiences with his or her peers and how to act in different situations that will help to get rid of bad experiences. In his research Filmus claims that every single teacher deals with pain as best as they can. The case of Carlos Fuente Alba was one of the best example of how teachers deals with pain and how they joined when he unfairly died. He also claimed that we will never forget how violence got a victim, in this case an innocent person that wanted to claim for something fair or that they considered as fair.
Finally we certainly do not have to forget that there are many carlos Fuente Alba in every province of our country an that his death would not have been necessary if the goverment had given them at least fifty percent of what they were claiming. It is necessary to get rid of violence not only between teachers but also among our students, trying to establish the DIALOGUE as the only premise in order to fulfill all we need. We are educators, so we need to come to an agreement with all our necesities, priorities and commitments in order to make our daily work free from pain and lived with happyness, or at least we should try it, don't we?
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