Friday, October 07, 2011

Freire is a brazilian educator who works with illiterates. He relates education to social issues such as racism, sexism and explotation of workers . It is very interesting his struggle: he wants the learners to be critical people who have freedom because they have learnt to liberate themselves from oppression. In order to empower learners, he considers dialogue and communication are essential tools.

When I read about Freire, I realized that what he asserts should be taken into account by teachers because helping learners to develop into independant self-regulated individuals must be a priority. If we help students to express themselves in a critical way, they will be able to modify the unfair society we are living in. That is why the activities that teachers plan must encourage creativity, freedom, criticism and social interaction. I have learnt that we should we aware of this when we work not only with adults, but also with teenagers and children.

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fabicu said...

When you get to know about Paulo Freire and his ideas on education, you become aware of the importance of social equality within school. All children and adults deserve the same opportunities to be educated, being stimulated by teachers to develop a critical conciousness about the role they are going to play in society. Teachers have the responsability of changing the world towards freedom in every aspect of life.