Friday, October 26, 2007

Rousseau's impressions

What impressed me most about Roussea's ideas is that he argued that what the educator needs to do is to facilitate opportunities for learning. As a teacher, I would like to act as a helper in the child's educational process, paying attention to the student's environment, because their families and interests are involved in the process. I would like to invite their parents to some classes in order for them to see how their children work at school. Also I would include topics related to my students' interests.

I also thought it is interesting tha Rousseau divided development into five stages. To me, this concept means that teachers should take into account these physical and psychological stages, in accordance with the students' ages and needs, for example, the material used and the topics and activities developed in the classroom. As I have been studying in developmental Psychology, Piaget said: "the developing cognitive understanding is built on the interaction between the child and the things which can be observed, touched, and manipulated. Besides, if students are not particularly interested in them, the class will be boring for them, and consequently the students lose interest about learning the language.

In conclusion, I believe Rousseau influenced my teaching because I try to pay attention to my students' interests, needs and ages also I try to plan my lessons according to these concepts.


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