Monday, September 18, 2006

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)

Rousseau´s ideas...Have they been worth it?I think that school has taken a few of Rousseau’s ideas and they have been ADJUSTED into what it is supposed to be education. The most important thing, I guess, is the aim that Rousseau had for education and in some way it has been taken into account: to learn how to live. I know that not in every school this is considered, but in my experience or perhaps modern schools, this is a very important topic. All the subjects that are compulsory in education, have a minimum of morality, that is that will help you to succeed in life. Also, not any kind of living but a healthy, good one, by managing our own social instincs and avoiding individualism.
I supposed that what I would like to try in my own lessons, is the idea of being apart from the ordinary life and trying to get to know another one. I don´t mean studying in the countryside (as Rousseau did with Emile), but I am in favour of trying new things and encouraging my students to learn good habits, physical and intellectual in other environment rather than the one they already know.


Yohi said...

Rousseau's ideas of learning to live and experience are something that any teacher should forget. Not only is the content important, but also to prepare aour students for life.
Moreover, no teacher can forget that there were a few teachers that made a difference... and we need to prepare ourselves to make it too.

romina said...

I would like to be a teacher who facilitate opportunities for learning and also attend to students' environment. Rousseau believed in discovery learning and I think that is important for students to learn through experiences to make their own conclusions.

Lu.G. said...

I agree with Rousseau´s idea of connecting children with their natural state; to help them to be in contact with nature and be educated within it.Nature teaches us through internal growth and development.I´m not so sure about the idea of educating them totally away from society,though.